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Why is the Healthcare Industry so Important for the World’s Future?

Written by Hanya Awan October 31th 2021

In today’s society, many industries are gaining more popularity and demand, whereas some occupations are becoming less needed because of higher technological advancements and developments that are being upgraded every year. However, amidst all that, the healthcare industry is always rapidly gaining more demand and growing with more positions worldwide. Not only do additional careers lead to major discoveries and impacts, but they create a whole new perspective that leads to a lot of learning and managing. For example, Dr. Mona did some additional research and discovered the presence of lead-contaminated drinking water. In addition to that major issue, she also learned why the children’s blood in the area had high lead levels, which caused panic among the public and resulted in them changing their water source.

However, there are many others in the field who have brought more insight to an issue that needed instant action. The industry has evolved into a complex system with many outputs and inputs, and millions of stakeholders who all contribute in some way to how the industry grows, develops and is sustained. The industry is extremely important as new diseases and variants are discovered every year, as with COVID-19, which has caused the world to face a greater challenge than they ever imagined facing. Although technology is advancing with medical equipment and calculations, we cannot solely rely on the functionality of the machines. A professional is needed who understands how machines and calculations are used to conduct an operation or for research. The healthcare industry as it adapts to new discoveries and research will only be beneficial as it will increase the quality of medicine and procedures that are done on patients. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, more than 14.3 million people are employed in the healthcare industry. It was also calculated that over the next 8 years, more than 3.2 million new healthcare jobs will be needed and created. With these statistics, we can confirm that the healthcare industry is only growing and not going to disappear from our needs as everyone needs consultations, operations and medical procedures done.

The healthcare industry is always needed for improvement, however in most countries, healthcare is usually largely growing and gaining more medical professionals to help those living in remote areas. There is much hope for the healthcare industry, from finding new variants of viruses, to curing diseases that have been impossible to treat for hundreds of years. Since the COVID-19 virus has been circulating for almost a year and a half, starting in 2020, it has killed over 5 million people worldwide, but after scientists and health care professionals from all departments worked together, they developed a vaccine that has saved lives.

All in all, the healthcare industry continues to grow and impact the world with it’s committed workers and life-changing research and operations that have informed the public on how near-death experiences can be solved or near to be cured permanently.


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