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What Role Does Journalism Play in Today's Society? Journalism is the Air We Breathe.

Written by Xyrelle Supremo January 16th 2022

Journalism reflects society. It contributes to these goals by pursuing the truth and offering an accurate and thorough picture of events and situations. Journalism and society, I believe, correlate their influence with each other and affect their current stance. The term "journalism" does not primarily refer to journalists or the technology used to disseminate information; rather, it serves an important function in sustaining democracy. When evaluating the level of democracy in contemporary society, the paradigm of organizations and the integrity of media should be considered. Because it is through journalism that citizens are informed and encouraged to act. Journalism is a critical link in ensuring that freedom functions.

Journalism serves as the "voice of the voiceless," conveying the views of all sections of the population. It acts as a link between the administration and the public. As Benjamin Franklin stated, "Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by judging the freeness of speech.”

However, because of the significance of journalism in the society’s democracy, it is constantly threatened. Journalism informs the public. In discipline, a fairly functional democracy necessitates both an equitable allocation of the constitutional schema and public involvement, which is the primary democratic sovereignty. By distributing political news and opinions, journalism equips voters with the wisdom they need to vote sensibly and participate in the political process of self-government.

Threats against journalists take multiple shapes around the globe, some of which are sanctioned by law. Criminal and civil legal actions, stealth monitoring, blatant restriction, economic threats, and more explicit intimidation and threats are all examples of legal or quasi-legal mechanisms. Another method of suppressing journalists has grown tremendously in recent years: the employment of "strategic lawsuits against public participation," in which defamatory or criminal lawsuits are filed with the purpose of disabling forms of speech such as peaceful rally or blogging. Initially assumed to be an American legal technique, these cases are now rather common in Europe, and of course, around the world.

In a functioning democracy, the function of journalism has been to serve as the Fourth Estate: to clearly and objectively explain current political concerns; to assist in holding politicians responsible in front of the public; and to call out acts of corruption when journalists witness them. It holds substantial indirect societal impact despite the fact that it is not technically recognized as a component of a political structure.

Threats must not be used to obstruct journalism; if the media is unable to adequately document events, essential data may be suppressed and citizens may be left uninformed. Conversely, if the press is not allowed to promote independent and accessible discourse, ordinary people's ideas and concerns may go unheard.

“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” — George Washington

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