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What Makes A Psychology Degree Unique?

Written by Heidi Song August 29th 2021

In recent decades, there has been tremendous growth in undergraduate students who plan to attain a degree in psychology, drawn by its various unique aspects. Firstly, learning to understand the human mind through innovative experiments and extensive research, which can unlock numerous secrets of the psyche is just one insight to what makes psychology a truly fascinating degree. The study of psychology also gives individuals the opportunity to understand and answer big questions that human beings encounter on a daily basis like, “is it possible to change?”, “what is knowledge?”, “what is human nature?”, etc. Likewise, studying psychology allows students to learn more about themselves as well as others around them, and therefore, are prepared with the ability to apply the knowledge and skills they attain to their personal lives.

Another benefit of having a degree in psychology, which makes it so popular to study amongst students, is that there is something for everyone. A unique aspect that pertains to a psychology degree specifically is that students are given the freedom to choose from various pathways after graduating. For instance, one student can choose to directly become a therapist after graduating, which is a career that does not require education extending past undergraduate study. Furthermore, studying psychology provides college students with the chance to pursue a specialty that relates to their interests specifically, such as specializing in clinical psychology, counseling psychology, forensic psychology, etc. Also, because psychology prepares students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a wide variety of careers, obtaining an undergraduate degree in psychology allows students to go into several different fields, ranging from social workers, teachers, to roles in research, and even media. Hence, this feature can be highly beneficial, particularly for students who are conflicted with an interest in more than one field.

It is also important to note that with mental health disorders affecting about 1 in 4 adults just in America, according to John Hopkins Medicine (“Mental Health Disorder Statistics”), and a growing need for professionals with proficient knowledge in psychology, there are various ways for students who study psychology to address global issues when going into a career field. One example is being a psychologist with a degree in psychology which can be highly rewarding in the sense that these professionals are capable of creating a profound change in the lives of others. Overall, the presence of psychology is in our everyday lives, even within the smallest of tasks, making this discipline one that is practical, but more importantly, unique from others.


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