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The Unnoticed Significance of Political Science And Government

Written by Hanya Awan December 20, 2021

Many fields of studies have been rapidly growing and varying in many subcategories of certain majors for college degrees, universities and other forms of post-secondary institutions. With the increase of mass events, news, accidents, there is always some way in which governments have to take action or resolve a certain situation regarding the impact it has caused internationally.

Governments seem to be just a position or an occupation viewed by the public, however, it is underestimated of their knowledge of the process and passion each individual has in studying political science and majoring in the government category of an institution. Many people see it as a hobby or duty, but do not elaborate on the knowledge and developing states of government field studies in modern times. Studying government is more impactful than mankind may estimate it to be, from creating a new perspective, creating new abilities and organizing your thoughts in a certain way, it can only bring benefit to a person’s path to success whether you are related to government or not. The purpose of the major is not only to understand the historical significance of politics and government parties but to grasp a full concept of one of the most powerful forces maintaining individuals and citizens. Political science is not only an area where one can think creatively but also builds an approach to train our minds to behave and interact with different issues, topics and interruptions in our personal, professional and long-term life. The field of government allows students to in quantitative and objective reasoning in order to challenge themselves with problem-solving abilities and activities that can also allow playing a role in real-life activities. Learners are able to differentiate different types of governments and how each role is appropriate for the task and maintenance of the category to the position. Many who are hesitating to study in the field of government are worrying about the fact that they have to hold a huge responsibility in some sort of mainstream position such as enforcing laws, discussing with powerful groups and taking the initiative to maintain city/region.

While that might be an option or path to one’s mindset and definition of “success”, it is not entirely true that the field of study is designated for those who are able to determine their powerful success and perception to take over huge roles nationally, in fact, there are many other options for those who study the field of government. It creates job opportunities that also include positions such as teachers, professors, electoral officers, civil servants, politicians, lawyers, journalists, social workers etc. There are many effective and successful pathways a student or learner can take after studying the field of government and it does not limit itself to just being a politician as many may assume. Many individuals have close-minded thoughts, as it is not an openly discussed topic and field of study that most of the population may be passionate about. Though passion does remain in a few individuals for a long period of time, many of people’s passions can evolve due to the influence of media, popularity, friends and family norms. The reasons can be endless but, it is proven that many people do not know their pure passion until the very end of their scope. The field of study is not heavily observed or noticed by the public. Thus, the field of study is a very important pathway to one’s dreams of not just taking on roles for

government, but to be able to have an open eye, take objective matters, build perspective, and use knowledge and sense of problem-solving methods to resolve one’s own issues in the real modern personal world.

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