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The Future is in the Youth's Hand

Written by Xyrelle C. Supremo March 2nd 2022

Why should we support young entrepreneurs entering the start-up industry?

We constantly want to find a solution when we have a problem. We have a tendency to believe that every problem will be solved. Startups exist for one reason: to solve problems they thought they could solve. And there is the allure of startups: having the desire and motivation to make the world a better place, to make it a little more bearable. Nonetheless, you wouldn't think that young entrepreneurs could establish start-ups as well, competing with the large market value of different industries and causing them to reflect the younger generation's blazing passion.

Moreover, startups are everywhere. The number and percentage of startups have expanded more quickly and at a higher rate than in the past throughout history. Around 472 million people are entrepreneurs around the world. According to statistics, 305 million startups are launched each year, with 4% of those founders being between the ages of 18 and 29.

But what makes them special? Why should we support these young entrepreneurs who want to change the world with their solutions?

Meet Babur, who launched "You See Clear," a humanitarian enterprise that aims to improve people's lives by providing cheap glasses. He moved to Canada with his family at a young age after fleeing Afghanistan with his family. He is currently a student at Carleton University. Babur took part in Carleton's social innovation hub, which led him to One Young World, where he won the Social Venture Challenge sponsored by the Resolution Project. By next summer, he will have made his official debut in Afghanistan.

On an equal note, Thinker, which is composed of very young entrepreneurs under the age of 18, joined and won at the Youth Founders Summit 2020. They proposed and developed Fyto, a next-generation gardening experience that allows you to grow your vegetables and fruits indoors with the use of AI-generated machinery that comes with a mobile application.

These are just some, but there are more startups that have the potential to make the world a better place. Now, to refer to the questions stated above, what makes them special and worthwhile is the main fact that they were established and thought of by youths. They have new, fresh, and authentic ideas capable of bringing the world together.

In general, startups may be small businesses, but they may have a big impact on the economy. The epicenter of innovation is a startup. They create jobs, which means more people are employed, and more people working implies a better economy. They solve worldwide problems that we are all yearning to be solved.

We hope for a better future, but by which we need to decide, we need to make the change. These youths, these young founders, will be able to make it happen. Right now, the future is in the hands of the youth.


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