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Psychology in Communication: How does it actually help you?

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Written by Raffaello Khan Agustin September 4th 2021

We all know that communication is an inevitable process that we encounter everyday in our lives. But have you ever thought that psychology can actually help you on the way you communicate? May it be thinking on how to approach a person, or maybe expressing your different ideas and opinions without offending anybody, this particular field of science is much more useful in communication, more than how you imagine it! Psychology is the study of the human mind and their behavior. With even the slightest amount of knowledge about how we perceive what we hear in other people, or how we interact with them, this will surely improve our communication skills.

When we communicate, it is important that what you say as a speaker is the same thought that is received by the one you are talking to. The main usage of your knowledge in psychology is knowing how different people react to certain situations. Interpersonal communication is two or more people taking part in a conversation through verbal or nonverbal cues. Now, we tend to understand why a person leads to doing such an action in a conversation. That is now how psychological knowledge contributes to communication. It then leads us to thinking, “what should be my next move”. Let us assume that I offended the person I am talking to with what I said. Then, they acted in a way that shocked me. I thought of where they were coming from, it might be because they have past experiences that led them to such an action. Thus, it will help me on how I will comfort the person through my understanding.

Effective communication is one of the most-essential skills in the 21st century. Communication is everywhere, whether we want it or not. As we start our day, we tend to our phones as we wake up and message our friends. We also say, “good morning” to people we live with, like our parents. We also communicate to our people what we want, like if you’re craving for a specific food that you want to eat for lunch or dinner. These small ways of communication might somehow be easy for some, but there is still room for improvement if we explore the world of psychology. We get to understand more on how a person interacts with us, and help us in the expressions and opinions that we speak to others. As we give importance to the understanding of the human mind and behavior, we adjust how we speak to the different people we encounter. And that is psychology in communication, making us effective communicators in society!


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