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How International Relations Affects a Country

Written by Amanda Maritan December 20th 2021

After World War II, humanity realized that it was important to have pacific relations between countries and that it was necessary to have a bridge among country's communication, to work towards a greater functioning of society taking into account convergences and diversity. An International Relations professional is responsible to promote understanding and support agreements (political, economic, cultural, or military deals) between countries. The professional is a mediator during accords and needs to know how to place themselves smartly, always considering traditions, religions, and cultures of the other countries involved.

Some benefits from international relations accords that help to enhance people’s lives are exchange programs between countries and colleges, visa and immigration policy as well as business deals that positively affect an economy. Beyond that, IR allows nations to get through worldwide issues, such as pandemics, climate change, terrorism, and possible wars, together, tracing a plan to come up with a solution that benefits the world population. An example is the United Nations that has surged to maintain peace and security worldwide. The organization is one of the most important in International Relations because it is the ‘’bridge’’ among 193 countries. Since its creation, the UN has been uniting Governments to seek better conviviality in the globalized era.

A country that does not have international accords may be doomed to isolation; in politics, culture, and economics, due to the interdependent economy nowadays. More than that, international relations contribute to diversity, such as the entrance of new markets, immigration, technology evolvement, and more money capital that helps to increase the quality of life index, since the country’s economy will be better after making deals with other countries, companies and foreign resources.

Briefly, international relations contribute to a more peaceful world and intermediate situations and accords between countries in a smart and resilient way. This career is very important to bring evolution and innovation to our countries, as well as diversity, economic and political exchanges.


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