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How Government and International Relations Have Helped Shape our World

Written by Kyleigh Ing December 20th 2021

“The greatest power is not money power, but political power.” Said by former British Ambassador to the United States; Walter Annenberg. The importance of government and international relations has taken a backseat when politics are mentioned. Without established governments the world would be in shambles and chaos would quickly arise.

Governments create international relations through alliances; a mutual agreement between multiple parties (under these circumstances, countries) that benefits everyone involved. These alliances are useful to keep the peace between nations so that in a country’s desperate need, they have the support required.

NATO is a strong-standing example of international relations. The acronym stands for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which represents the alliance between many European and North American countries. NATO is a very important organization especially in the situation of 9/11. The 9/11 was an attack on the United States of America in which the outcome was so devastating, Article 5 was invoked. Article 5 entails that if a country a part of this organization is attacked, the others a part of the alliance will provide aid and military assistance depending on what is needed by the government’s next course of action.

This alliance, among others, makes countries stronger. They help to prevent future attacks because those countries with nuclear weapons hold a lot of power since those weapons have the capability to throw the entire world out of balance. Having access to the aid of many countries makes that one country stronger than it will ever be alone. Not to mention, countries will think twice about attacking another if they have alliances with places that they want to keep good standings with.

These alliances help to create peace and unity among the countries and continents of the world. Without having strong international relations with countries or governments, wars would be never-ending. The world would never see order or serenity if we didn’t have world leaders collaborating with each other.


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