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How Can We Open the Music Industry to the Youth? :Finding Your Rhythm of Life

Written by Xyrelle C. Supremo November 15th 2021

Music can have many social psychological impacts and meanings for people at different periods of their development (Hargreaves, 1986; McPherson, 2006; North & Hargreaves, 2008). It makes them wonder through the different depths that each song has to offer—widening their imagination and aspirations every time. In spite of these facts, why does it seem so hard to walk through their industry?

The music business has always had to constantly work around new forms of media and technology to sustain itself. This has been very evident in the past few decades, as the rise of piracy, iTunes and streaming in rapid succession have completely upended the industry, not only changing the kind of music that artists make, but how consumers engage with it. As with any technologically-driven field, millennial and Generation Z digital natives, who have always had to work the hardest to prove and promote themselves, have been able to effect real change — and make real money — that even bigwigs at record labels have tried to study and replicate. It is clear that the Internet has given rise to unparalleled innovation from the most consistently overlooked communities in various forms of entertainment. (Gyasi, 2019)

Music subjects in high school should also be given importance as to Science and Math. By then, we can see how interested the youth is in pursuing a career in the music industry. It is true, the aforementioned industry is competitive and one of the most difficult to break into, but that doesn't make it impossible. If you work hard and take the necessary steps, whether you are a Music Producer, Engineer, or Artist, you may still have what it takes to emerge into the music industry.

What can you do?

  1. Try joining workshops that may boost your skills and interest in music.

  2. Get into volunteer work in your community.

  3. Apply for internships

  4. Practice!

  5. Attend band gigs or concerts and try to capture what and how they do.

It’s not yet too late nor impossible. So if you’re having doubts, I say go find your rhythm of life and the symphonies you’ll dance along to.


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