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Can Anyone Enter the Music Industry?

Written by Owen Hu October 10th 2021

From record labels to managers, street rappers to classical musicians, music is a diverse industry that attracts everyone. By streaming a song on Spotify, you are directly contributing to the growth of the music industry, which has come to represent a critical component of modern culture and entertainment.

Given the diversity of the industry, does this mean that anyone can enter it? The truth is, it really depends. It will obviously be difficult to become the next hit pop star if picking up a microphone makes you nervous. Despite there being plenty of success stories of those making it big without any prior music experience, the vast majority of the industry has had varying degrees of musical expertise before making a name for themselves. As such, a major factor in determining how successful one will be when entering the industry is previous music experience. For aspiring musicians, a musical background is almost a must-have to maximize rates of success. Of course, this is not to say that one has no chance of entering the industry with no experience in actual music. The music industry represents much more than singers and musicians: graphic designers may find it lucrative to work for labels and design an album cover, accountants are in much demand for famous stars, and executive agencies are always looking for those with extensive experience in management. In essence, the first step in entering the industry is to consider your past experiences and take advantage of them. By this measure, anyone can enter the music industry.

Like any other industry, the music industry is easier to enter with connections. Those who are involved early by attending music events, making connections with venue hosts and other artists, and showcasing their skills at small-scale gigs are the ones who get noticed. They are the ones who have connections that are able to sign you with a well-reputed record label, the ones that will help you expand your presence. However, making connections is always difficult, and is not feasible for everyone. Consideration of this factor makes it apparent that not necessarily everyone will be able to enter the industry and succeed.

Finally, it is imperative to understand that the music industry is very much a business. A business instinct is what separates those who are talented from those who are able to find a record label company. By this fact, not everyone will thrive in the industry.

The bottom line: the music industry is diverse and is famed for its influence on current times. Anyone can enter the industry, but not everyone will succeed. For those that do choose to pursue a career in music, challenges await them, but the end result and opportunities make all the hurdles worth it.


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