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March 27th, 2022

Careers in Law Panel

Youth Insights is hosting an hour and a half-long careers in law panel at 4:00 pm PST on March 27th with three esteemed panelists! If you RSVP, you will receive email notifications to join this free event. A few days prior to the event we will send out event links to everyone. Hope to see you soon!


Carly Schecter.jpg

Our team at Youth Insights conducted a virtual interview with Dr. Carly Schecter in August 2021. Dr. Carly Schecter is a clinical psychologist who is currently in private practice. During this interview, Carly shared her insight into the field of psychology, her own career path, and important messages for youth. 


Our team at Youth Insights conducted a virtual interview with Kushal Vijay in September 2021. Kushal Vijay is a software engineer from Ajmer, India. He currently works at Microsoft, and also runs his own Youtube channel on solving practical problems with software engineering. His educational videos have amassed an audience of over 18K subscribers! He is a graduate of Dr. B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology.


Our team at Youth Insights conducted a virtual interview with Manal Shah in September 2021. Manal Shah is an engineer/designer from India and is currently in her fourth year of college pursuing a BTech/ICT degree at SEAS Ahmedabad University. She is also a graphic design intern at Ureka’s Global Community and a UI/UX enthusiast.


TYLERxCORDY is a rapper and songwriter from Seattle, WA. He was previously in 2AM Club, a pop/hip-hop group that released a number of projects on RCA Records. After the split of 2AM Club, Tyler began a moodier solo path with the release of Aqua Blue Honda.  In 2021, he independently topped 25 million streams. As a songwriter, he has contributed to projects amassing over 85 million streams. 


Rainy Barton is an elementary music teacher and middle school musical theatre teacher in Central Florida, and has been teaching for seven years now. She graduated from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) with her bachelors in music, (Her instrument is the Oboe), and has been teaching elementary since she graduated, and absolutely loves it. She was a semi-finalist for her county's Rookie Teacher of the year in her second year of teaching. She is on her way to becoming Orff Level Certified, is an active member of Florida's Elementary Music Teacher's Association and loves instilling a love and appreciation of music into the heart of every child. 


Dr. Srinikhitha Kasibhatta (she/her) is a public health researcher and vaccine safety advocate, who talks about trending public health issues. She graduated with a Doctor in Pharmacy in 2015 and later on pursued a Master in Public Health from Deakin University. Now, she spreads awareness about the latest health topics, like the COVID vaccine, on her blog “Let’s Talk Public Health.”

naminder sandhu.jpg

Our team at Youth Insights conducted a virtual interview with Dr. Naminder Sandhu in November 2021.  Dr. Naminder Sandhu is a practicing pediatrician specialized in emergency medicine at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary, Alberta. She is a proud native of Calgary who entered medical school after completing a 3 year Bachelor of Science degree in physiology with distinction. She has held the position of program director of the University of Calgary Pediatric Emergency Medicine subspecialty program for several years. Her newest endeavours in the medical community have more recently included initiatives in burnout/wellness and equity, diversity, and inclusivity.


Our team at Youth Insights conducted a virtual interview with Shona Olalere in December 2021. With more than 8+ years' experience in policy analysis, international relations and development, Shona Olalere is fast becoming one of the most-sought after seasoned analysts in the public and private sector in Africa. Shona is currently providing technical support to the first of its kind development of a measuring
performance index for government ministries in
Nigeria; working as a senior partnership and strategy analyst at Helium Health - West Africa leading digital tech health company; She is also one of the experts in The National Assembly Business Environment Roundtable (NASSBER). 


Our team at Youth Insights conducted a virtual interview with Dennis He in January 2022. Dennis attended Western University from 2012 to 2017, completing a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry and Genetics. Realizing the issue that climate change posed to the world, Dennis pivoted away from lab work, competed a Masters of Environment and Sustainability at Western, and returned to ECCC post-graduation, where he continues to work as a policy analyst setting the federal government's plastics science research priorities & climate change science policy, and delivering green funding programs.


Our team at Youth Insights conducted a virtual interview with Audi Muttaqien in January 2022. Global Millennial Group, Ltd. (GM Group) is an international company with a vision and focus on improving the quality of education by facilitating informal education. As Chief Program Officer (CPO), Audi works directly within the scope of the executive team including the CEO, with the responsibilities of leading conceptualization, strategic planning, evaluating the quality of substance, and implementing the program. Furthermore, Audi directly oversees and supervises dozens of programs under the Global Millennial Group with 5 major programs.


Our team at Youth Insights conducted a virtual interview with Jennifer Wilcock in February 2022. For Jennifer, a degree in English Literature enabled her to keep her love affair with reading and writing alive. A blogger, speaker and writer, she belongs to the Word Guild of Canada. Jennifer studied ballet through the Royal Academy of Dance during her teen years and into adulthood. She has taught in private and community settings. In 2017, Jennifer decided she was brave enough to try and write fiction ald joined NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November. She
"won" it, writing 50 000 words in 30 days. The result is Exit Stage Right. She has since written Face Off, the sequel to Exit Stage Right. She works part-time in the local library where she is inspired every day to write a book that will be on the shelves.

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We aim to provide youth with information and advice on different careers in an interactive format, so that they may make well-informed decisions for future studies and goals. We also want to connect like-minded individuals and link youth with others who have similar interests as them.

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