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Our Local Work

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About Pathways to Education Canada

The Initiative

Pathways to Education is a Non-Profit organization that raises funds for youth in low-income families. With each dollar of donations, education is made more accessible to youth through scholarships, academic, and financial aid.


Our Work in Burnaby, British Columbia

Youth Insights 2021 Holiday Sale 

Our team raised over $200 for Pathways to Education Canada with homemade hot chocolate kits and gingerbread cookies. We were able to engage with community members and discuss our initiative with a vibrant range of individuals. 


Youth Insights 2021 Bottle Drive 

Our team raised nearly $100 for Pathways to Education Canada through a neighborhood bottle drive that was conducted in the fall of 2021. 

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Application Form


We aim to provide youth with information and advice on different careers in an interactive format, so that they may make well-informed decisions for future studies and goals. We also want to connect like-minded individuals and link youth with others who have similar interests as them.

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