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About Youth Insights

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Youth Insights is a registered nonprofit located in Canada, launched with the aim of providing career insight, with youth in sight. In the course of a few months, the team grew from two to over forty, and now the executive teams of Youth Insights are working hard to positively impact as many teenage lives as possible. Our goals are to organize free virtual events, interviews, and blog articles based on career topics and feature esteemed professionals who can share their career journeys with young students.

In our virtual event series, we target different career fields ranging from medicine to music to government in order to accommodate each student’s interests. We hope to inspire this generation of youth to extend their knowledge and understand personal interests by seeing a particular career from the perspective of somebody who has former experience. We aim to increase our platform and get as many youths from all around the world involved with our initiatives.

Our Success In Numbers

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Event Registrants

In total, our events have welcomed over 1200 registrants from 40+ countries. We have featured over 14 guest speakers, and are excited to welcome more in the upcoming future.

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Followers on Social Media Platforms

Youth Insights has amassed a unique audience of over 1500 accounts per post we make, and we are expanding our platform on social media every day.


Featured Events/Workshops

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Since our launch, we have hosted monthly workshops and events on different career fields that have connected industry professionals with high school students across the globe.



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Youth Insights has received funding from the NSG (Neighborhood Small Grant) program in order to further our platform and continue our mission.

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Meet Our Team

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Joelle Chia

Co-Founder &


Joelle Chia is from Vancouver, Canada. She is pursuing a career in finance. In her free time, she enjoys painting, reading, and playing the piano. She hopes to help Youth Insights become an important resource for teenagers like herself so that everyone can be better informed and well-prepared for their future!


Kiley Zheng

Co-Founder &


Kiley Zheng from Vancouver, Canada. She plans to pursue a career in computer science and business. She enjoys many sports including snowboarding, skiing, swimming, and skating. She is especially passionate about helping children and animals. She hopes youthinsights can help you find your direction in a career that interests you!

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Shreya Mekala



Shreya Mekala is a high school senior from Texas, USA. She is currently 17 years old. In the future, she plans on becoming an AI specialist. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball, painting and drawing, and shopping in the mall. She hopes that Youth Insights will help other teenagers find their passion through their interactive events.


Laura Shion

Chief Strategic Officer

Laura Shion is from Managua, Nicaragua. She plans to pursue a career in computer science and engineering. In her free time, she enjoys reading, learning languages, coding, and practicing yoga. She wants to be able to contribute to a platform that would've made the experience of discovering your interests more enjoyable and accessible.


Vivian Song

Co-Director of Journalism

Vivian is one of the Co-Directors of Journalism at Youth Insights who is passionate about financial literacy and computer science. She has worked with several non-profit organizations including YouUnited, Power the Youth and The Teen Trillionaire in the efforts of improving the accessibility of youth opportunities.


Kamya Patel

Co-Director of Journalism

This is Kamya Patel and she is one of the Co-Directors of Journalism as well as the Tech Coordinator for Youth Insights. Currently, she is a high school student in Southern California exploring college and career pathways for herself while educating others on various careers fields through this organization.


Emina Pasic

Director of Marketing

This is Emina Pasic, the director of marketing, from New York City. She manages Youth Insight's social media platforms and helps spread the word about Youth Insight's aim and the opportunities offered. As an aspiring business woman herself, she is beyond delighted to help youth from all around the world discover various future career paths. 


Yi Jia Zhou Yu

Director of Outreach 

Yi Jia is the director of sponsorships and fundraising at Youth Insights, from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Her tasks include regularly applying for grants, sponsorships and partnerships, coordinating the sponsorship team, and planning fundraising events. 

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Emily Tao

Director of Finance

This is Emily Tao from Markham, Ontario. She is one of the directors of sponsorship, and is dedicating her time to find grants, sponsors and partnerships for the Youth Insights Team. She is very excited to meet other youths', and help them to the best of her ability.


Tvisha Ranjan

Director of Web Design

Tvisha Ranjan, the Director of Web Design, is a current sophomore residing in the Bay Area. She is passionate about the integration of visuals, psychology, and coding, and she loves to make beautiful web applications in her free time. Through Youth Insights, Tvisha aims to help youth dig through their skill sets to discover their professional passion.

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Prisha Patel

Co-Director of Graphic Design

This is Prisha Patel and she is the co-director of graphic design at Youth Insights. She is in grade 10 attending White Oaks SS in Ontario. Her hobbies include sports and STEM (outer space and coding).


Sally Zhao

HR Lead

Sally Zhao, Youth Insight's HR Lead as well as marketing coordinator is a current junior in high school from New York. She is passionate about pursuing marketing and finance in her future. Enlightened by Youth Insight's work, Sally is dedicated to helping youth from around the world find their passion.

Team Testimonials

“I think being on the Youth Insights board team is a great leadership opportunity”

I like that Youth Insights offers the unique chance to work with a diverse group of students around the world”


“As a co-director in the board team at Youth Insights, I’ve found myself in an ever growing community of skilled individuals”


Owen Hu

Content Writer

Owen Hu, a rising junior from British Columbia, Canada. Beyond elated to be a part of the Youth Insights team, Owen will be working with the substantive team of content writers, and is excited to help other youth discover their passion.


Kyleigh Ing

I’m Kyleigh and I’m a ninth grade student from Ontario, Canada. My passion lies in the arts, using dance, drawing, writing and drama as my outlets. I am ecstatic about joining the content writers’ panel  and reaching the community through this organization.

Content Writer

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Heidi Song

Content Writer

This is Heidi. She is going into grade 11 at Iroquois Ridge High School and she is a content writer for Youth Insights. She has an interest in business, more specifically finance, and wants to help students through this organization learn more about different career paths! During her free time, she enjoys being with family and friends, playing different instruments as well as creative writing.


Aryan Asnani

Video Editor

Aryan Asnani is from Ontario, Canada.

He is a Grade 11 Student going to OTHS. He really enjoys the sport of basketball!


Cecilia Vong

Marketing Coordinator

Cecilia is a grade 9 pre-AP student in Ontario, Canada. Reading is one of her most passionate hobbies, along with writing, listening to music, playing sports, including basketball, dance, and skiing, and volunteering with non-profits organizations. She is beyond excited to be working with Youth Insights. 


Sherry Ye

Graphic Designer

Sherry is a high school senior who lives in Vancouver, Canada. Her favourite hobby is drawing, where she can devote herself into a world of creativity. On the other hand, being a member of this community, she believes her strengths and accountability will prepare her in helping others 


Fregeline Radaza

This is Fregeline or Freg for short. She's one of the graphic designers for the Youth Insights Team. She is currently a high school student wanting to pursue a career in the health sciences field. Her MBTI type is isfp-t, although she would say she's extroverted to those close to her. 

Graphic Designer

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Zara Siddiqui

Marketing Coordinator

Zara is a pre-AP student grade 10, and currently attends Saint Joseph SS. She is passionate about making a positive impact in the world, as well as in pursuing a career in medicine. During her free time, Zara enjoys drawing, skateboarding in the summer, and photography when going sight-seeing.


Raffaello Khan Agustin

Content Writer

This is Raffaello, an 11th-grade Accountancy, Business, and Management student residing from the Philippines! He is deeply passionate about writing and speaking, as loves to express his thoughts. A fun fact about him is that he is a coffee lover, being able to drink lots of coffee and still be able to sleep at night. 

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Vyomini Kapse

Content Writer

This is Vyomini, a 17 year old from India. She is a senior at Hiranandani Foundation School, Thane. She is presently studying Science, but she is truly passionate about Economics, Statistics, and International Relations. She is a published author and poet and loves composing short stories and poems on themes as varied as can be. She is an ardent MUNner and also enjoy playing the piano. 



Outreach Coordinator

 This is Thalia and she feels honoured to be part of Youth Insights. She is on the outreach team of Youth Insight! She just graduated foundation at Deakin College majoring in business. She hopes to work well with everyone and make Youth Insights a huge success!


Xyrelle Supremo

Xyrelle is an incoming senior high school student who was born and raised in Riyadh, KSA but
currently resides in Manila, Philippines. Her interests and future career paths fall under STEM
and HUMSS. 

Content Writer


We aim to provide youth with information and advice on different careers in an interactive format, so that they may make well-informed decisions for future studies and goals. We also want to connect like-minded individuals and link youth with others who have similar interests as them.

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